Local SEO has never been more important. More often than not your clients will search for you on Google before visiting your business. If you do not have a good online presence this can mean you never get to see a large amount of potential clients.

Local SEO includes may important parts of an online marketing strategy for your business but in general the most important can be seen as:

  • Google Rankings in your local area
  • Map listings for you address
  • Reviews on both Google and Social Media
  • News articles about local events and experiences
  • A presence on popular local websites

When all of these factors combine it can lead to a very successful marketing plan but many businesses do not use this to it’s full potential.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO in short is the promotion of your services online to a local community. For small businesses it can be the difference between success and failure. Although this marketing plan used to involve mainly Google it has expanded, as much of SEO has, over the past few year and instead of being local SEO it is now probably closer to local online marketing.

It is massively important to be a part of the community and find where it is your clients are looking when they are online. Is there a local Facebook group, do your users prefer Twitter or Instagram? What are your clients searching Google for and are they using a national service when your local one can be much more personalised.

Small businesses that trade locally need to focus on making the most of the clients that are all around them. Local shops can promote offers, restaurants may have a new menu they wish to make people aware of, or simply it may be a case of making your future customer aware that you exist.

A good local campaign can really drive sales. If done properly it can help to make your businesses the local “go-to” for your industry. As more and more customers check reviews and want to be informed before approaching a local business can you really afford not to assess your local SEO? Many are already taking advantage of this and if your industry is not, then the head start can be invaluable in the future. Make sure your local SEO is giving the best first impression for your business.