Although awareness has grown, bad SEO is still rife on the internet. Google has released many an update to try to prevent the exploitation of people seeking marketing for their business.It can be a hard form of marketing to understand and pay for when the effects are not instantly noticeable. With the so many businesses moving online SEO is far from dead.

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At Twenty-Two Creations our aim is to help you feel more secure when paying for SEO. We are always available to talk to and welcome any questions you might have. If you currently have an SEO company dealing with your website we would be more than happy to take a look and give our honest opinion.

Honest Advice

Much of SEO is still open to interpretation. There are several ways to reach the same conclusion. What we would like is to save people from the trouble of bad companies that blatantly flaunt the rules. We will offer an honest opinion that, if all is well, will give you the confidence to continue. If the company are using out dated or ‘Black Hat’ methods we will offer a solution.

Contact us now for your free SEO Audit, no strings attached. Any company can gather statistics to worry you, we aim to applaud the right methods and do away with the bad. Companies abusing the faith clients does nothing but ruin the reputation of our industry.